Scroll down the screen to find the links to my 1 hour 20 minute long mini video training course. You may have seen some of these when you signed up for the free eBook. You'll learn...

  • Why its important for GIS professionals to stop “technologizing” GIS and focus on the client when determining a project’s data needs.
  • The important difference between Surveyed maps and Thematic maps, and what this means for your GIS project
  • The most important foundation for your GIS project - good quality data.
  • How to create your own GIS map through a process called on-screen-digitizing
  • How to create a Derived GIS map from a Primary GIS map
  • How to use Map Overlay tools to combine multiple GIS maps into one map
  • How to use GIS Overlay to get data into a table
  • What a GIS model looks like
  • How to use GIS maps to inform real-life policy decisions