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4 QGIS eCourses for Professionals

    • Unrestricted Access To 4 Quantum GIS Video Training Modules Packed With 8+ Hours Of Video Instruction
    • 350+ Pages Of Downloadable PDF Content
    • Perfect for Students, Academics, Scientists and Professionals who want to add Mapping to their Toolkit
    • You'll Have Access To An Interactive Comment Section - Your Questions Will Be Answered Below Each Video
    • You Don't Need Any Previous Training Or Experience
    • You get to use the same Datasets and Follow-Along with the Step-by-Step Video Instructions
    • You Can Download All The Course Notes and GIS Datasets
    • Taught Using the FREE Quantum GIS
    • ALL Workflows and Concepts Taught are Applicable to ALL GISs. Even Commercial GISs Such as ARC

    Who Can Benefit From These

    Step-by-Step Follow-Along Video GIS Training Courses

    Whether you are a Student, Scientist, or Trade Professional...

    These four modules were designed to help you go from a complete and total beginner having never built a GIS map, to doing your own desktop GIS project in just 7 days.

    For those who are time-poor or who prefer to learn at a slower pace the course will take longer than 7 days. That's not a problem! Take as long or as little as you like, the choice is YOURS.

    MODULE #1 - Introduction to QGIS 3

    In this first module I take you through step-by-step from installing QGIS 3, launching it, to how to Shade a Map, how to create Time Series Maps, and how to do a basic interpretation of a GIS map. From the very beginning I start teaching you how to think like a GIS analyst.

    You will learn…

    • How to download and install the most stable version of QGIS (its not the latest release)
    • GIS Generics: How to open QGIS maps and QGIS air photos. And change their appearance.
    • How to create a Shaded Thematic Map.
    • How to create a time-series (shaded) Thematic Map.
    • How to use Project Files to recreate screen environments from days, months and even years ago
    • Understand the relationship between a GIS map and the table that lies behind it.
    • How to use visual clues such as block size, watercourse shape, location, condition and even vegetation type and condition to reveal all sorts of valuable information about soils and other themes.
    • Plus, step-by-step follow-along videos of me showing you each step on-screen
    • Plus 111p pdf of course notes (paperback sells on Amazon for $29.95 US)
    • Plus course practice dataset
    • Plus, Certificate of Completion

    • 221 reviews >4.5 stars
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    MODULE #2 – How to Convert a Paper Map into a GIS Map (Digitizing)

    Often, old paper maps are still valuable. In this module I show you how to reinterpret old paper maps by relating them to newer, better quality complimentary GIS maps.

    You will learn…

    • How to convert any Paper Map into a GIS Map in 7 Easy Steps (digitizing)
    • Tricks for validating the quality of your new GIS map
    • 5 ways to reinterpret old environmental maps
    • The role of base maps in a map reinterpretation and how to create basemaps…step-by-step
    • How to engage old-timer environmentalists in your GIS project without intimidating them.
    • Two types of environmental maps that are usually inaccurate and why
    • My best secrets to finding “hidden gems” in old maps
    • Plus, step-by-step follow-along videos of me showing you each step on-screen
    • Plus, Certificate of Completion
    • Plus 87p pdf of course notes

    • 46 reviews >4.5 stars
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    MODULE #5 – Introduction to the QGIS Layout

    This step-by-step follow-along style introduction to the QGIS layout is a qgis tutorial that will have you creating maps for theses, presentations and reports in no time.

    You will learn…

    • How to find your way around the QGIS layout
    • How to add legends, scale bars, north arrows
    • How to design maps that are easy to understand
    • The power of a geopdf in adobe acrobat
    • How to insert maps and inset maps / locator maps
    • How to use templates
    • How to export geotiff, SVG and geopdf files. And metadata to accompany them.
    • How to use variables in text descriptions, and a cheats way to format them in html.

    • 4.5 stars
    • New course


    MODULE #4 – How to turn an Address in a Spreadsheet to a Point on a GIS Map (Geocoding)

    Few people have success geocoding their data…that’s because they haven’t been shown the tricks I show you in this module!

    You will learn…

    • How to convert your spreadsheet of addresses into a GIS map of address points.
    • The must-have geocoding plugin
    • How understanding and harnessing “mental maps” can drastically improve your geocoding hit rate.
    • How to export your spreadsheet so that the QGIS geocoder recognizes it
    • How to geocode to a Street Map, an Address Point map, Google Maps and OpenStreetMaps.
    • Plus, Step-by-Step Follow-Along videos of me showing you each step on-screen
    • Plus, Certificate of Completion
    • Plus 86p pdf of course notes (paperback sells on Amazon for $29.95 US)

    • 9 reviews >4.5 stars
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    Here's what my students say about my teaching...

    • Debora says... "Clear instructions and dynamic presentation"
    • GB says..."Excellent content, pace and structure..."
    • Stoyan says... "I like the fact that the lecturer is experienced person with deep knowledge and understanding of the GIS and not only of this particular software."
    • Leandro says... "I love the way he teaches..."
    • Frank says... "Clear and educational. Well documented and explained."
    • Anna says... "This short course packs a punch..."

    Here's a recap of what you'll get...

    • 7+ hours of Step-by-Step Follow-Along GIS training videos: These power-packed practical videos are the equivalent to an introductor college course, and you can start watching them all today...
    • 1-on-1 access to real GIS instructors: You can ask our instructors anything right below the videos, and they'll promptly respond with detailed answers for you right inside your private members area.
    • 330+ pages of downloadable PDF content: These include Course Notes and Transcripts. Avid readers will enjoy these downloads because they go even deeper into everything you learn in the videos.
    • Step-by-Step Follow-Along videos of each exercise: I walk you through each exercise and show you the value of each element in each map, why it was used and how.
    • Replicate the steps: You get to download the exact same datasets, watch the videos, and replicate the steps
    • Study anytime you wish: Burn the midnight oil and finish the course in 7 days, at your leisure, or focus on the parts that are most important to your work


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