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I'm giving you instant access to 5 exclusive videos...Here's just a sample of what's included in this FREE video QGIS tutorial:

  • Video 1: Discover QGIS. The free GIS that's replacing Commercial GIS in Government, Universities and Business (+ free eBook)
  • Video 2: Traps with GIS Maps that you should ignore at your own peril! (+ free eBook)
  • Video 3: How to Digitize Maps in QGIS using equipment every office has. (+ free eBook)
  • Video 4: How to create a Meaningful Shaded Map of DATA CATEGORIES in QGIS (+ free eBook)
  • Video 5: How to turn a spreadsheet into a map - Geocoding
  • And... Giveaways!

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Ian Allan

After more than two decades of GIS researching, teaching and consulting, I understand the imperatives of project costs, client satisfaction, communication, timeliness, and producing projects that will stand the tests of both peer review and legal review