What is GIS used for? Here’s ten ways…

What is GIS used for?

Geographic information system (GIS) technology can be used for a wide variety of applications. GIS can gather, manipulate, store, and analyze geographic data which makes it useful for government, researchers and business. Following are ten common uses for GIS…

1: Emergency Response and Disaster Monitoring

Emergencies and natural disasters can happen without warning and fast response times are critical. GIS mapping technology can be used to quickly plot the fastest route to an emergency site so emergency medical personnel or first responders can be on-site with as little delay as possible. GIS can also be used to plan future response scenarios.

2: Real Estate

When you are thinking about buying a home, GIS mapping technology can help you to locate properties and evaluate the neighborhoods they are in. GIS also helps banks with property valuation for the purpose of lending.

what is gis used for - real estate
3: Crime Mapping

Law enforcement and crime units can use GIS technology to gather crime data in order to identify areas of need. This technology can be used to prioritize the areas that need manpower and to track crime statistics to evaluate the efficacy of law enforcement in a particular area.

4: Research and Testing

Various GIS software applications can be used to test theories or to run potential scenarios to evaluate their impact on the community or the environment. For example, if a company is planning to build a dam on a certain river or stream, GIS software can be used to predict its impact on the environment.

5: Asset Tracking and Maintenance

Business can use GIS tracking to keep track of where their assets are. GIS tracking can be attached to equipment, specifically, to reduce loss from stealing or misplaced workers. By keeping better track of their equipment, these entities can reduce time and money lost from misplaced or stolen equipment.

what is gis used for - asset tracking
6: Economic Growth Evaluation

One of the most valuable uses for GIS technology in the retail sector is its benefits for predicting areas of future growth. Retail businesses can use GIS software to evaluate a new location to see if it will be profitable – it can also be used to track traffic patterns in the area to optimize store hours.

7: Tracking Species

Conservation groups use GIS technology to monitor conservation lands. GIS can also be used to track the migration patterns of certain species and to monitor species that have become vulnerable or endangered.

8: City Planning and Zoning

Government use Geographical Information Systems to maintain zoning areas and to keep record of underground plumbing, power lines, and phone lines. This information can be used to maintain important data and to plan new city building projects.

What is GIS used for - planning
9: Delivery Route Planning

Delivery services like USPS and UPS use GIS mapping technology to optimize their delivery routes. GIS technology can help these services to reduce not only the time it takes to make deliveries, but the cost as well. GIS mapping can reveal traffic patterns, construction zones, and other obstacles that might slow down delivery so the driver can take an alternate route.

10: Traffic Pattern Optimization

GIS software can be used to analyze traffic patterns to optimize the timing of traffic lights for improved traffic flow. It can also be used to plan detours around construction zones when needed.

So, what is GIS used for? I’ve just given you ten examples, and there are plenty more.

To see a whole bunch more uses, from applications as diverse as agriculture, housing and conflict resolution, be sure to download my 54 page free GIS eBook here.



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