How Planners Use GIS Maps

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Armed with a series of Compliance Maps...

  • Policy Makers have better information upon which to base long term plans. For example, if only patches of a town are non-compliant then expensive sewerage systems can be avoided and less expensive low-tech solutions implemented over time.
  • Decision Makers have better information upon which to base site level decisions.
  • Whenever possible I like to include a demographic overview of a Town in my report. That way Planners have an understanding of the local resident’s ability to contribute to any solution they devise.


I love what you're doing I'll be kick starting my GIS at UQ, St.Lucia Brisbane. I'm in dire need of a refresher course & that's what your tutorials is offering. Thanks

JW Ebong , Calabar University

I'm a new PhD student studying water resources at University of Malaysia and I 'm really interested in learning gis. However, I'm a beginner in it. The video was very perfect and I hope van follow your other videos.

M Irani , University of Malaysia

Your way of teaching is very good and simple. Thank you for your wonderful job.

V Sivasubramaniyan , Annamalai University