The Simple Facts About Map Modelling In GIS

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A GIS model is a simplified representation of a complex problem that’s presented as a map.

In models that have variables, when these change, so too does the resulting GIS map.

In our GIS model of the compliance of onsite wastewater systems, three important variables that can change the map are...

  1. Soil Suitability for disposing of wastewater,
  2. the Wastewater Technology being used (low-tech or high tech), and
  3. the number of people living in the dwelling.

In this video you'll get to see how changing one of these variables can change a map.


I love what you're doing I'll be kick starting my GIS at UQ, St.Lucia Brisbane. I'm in dire need of a refresher course & that's what your tutorials is offering. Thanks

JW Ebong , Calabar University

I'm a new PhD student studying water resources at University of Malaysia and I 'm really interested in learning gis. However, I'm a beginner in it. The video was very perfect and I hope van follow your other videos.

M Irani , University of Malaysia

Your way of teaching is very good and simple. Thank you for your wonderful job.

V Sivasubramaniyan , Annamalai University