Do you want to learn geocoding from scratch, step-by-step, using QGIS 3?

I have over 5000 students enrolled in my three “GIS for Beginners” QGIS tutorials on Udemy. This fourth time around created a 50 page Kindle Book as a companion to my fourth QGIS tutorial. Buried in the book is a free coupon to access the 1 ½ hours of accompanying follow-along videos on the Udemy teaching platform.

Screen captures. Examples. Step-by-step, follow-along with the 1 ½ hours of video.

“Geocoding using QGIS 3” gives you complete instructions for cleaning address datasets in both QGIS and in OpenOffice Calc, and then geocoding them using the google maps geocoder, and street line and address point geocoders. It’s a hands-on guide accompanied by a small practice dataset, and follow along videos.

What you will learn in my Geocoding QGIS tutorial

  • Theory: What is geocoding (convert address to lat long).
  • How to prepare your data for geocoding: And how to improve your geocoding hit rate.
  • Three geocoding techniques: How to geocode address data using the MMQGIS google maps geocoder, street-line geocoder and address-point geocoder in QGIS 3.
  • Traps with google maps: Coordinate traps with the google maps geocoder.

Target Users

  • Beginners who want to a complete QGIS tutorial that’s focused on geocoding.
  • Professors, lecturers or tutors who are looking for a geocoding text that’s accompanied by instructional videos.

What’s inside the Book?

Part 1: Geocoding Fundamentals and Concepts. Housekeeping.

  • What’s a geocode and why are geocodes important?
  • How to improve your geocoding hit rate.
  • Why are Mental Maps important to geocoding? And what are they?
  • QGIS environment setup.
  • Other helpful (and free) software.
  • How to install the course dataset.
  • How to enroll in the accompanying video course on for free.

Part 2: How to format addresses for geocoding.

  • CSV files explained
  • Formatting addresses using a Spreadsheet
  • Formatting addresses using SQL in QGIS

Part 3: Geocoding in QGIS 3 using the MMQGIS plugin.

  • How to merge your geocoding iterations into a single GIS map.
  • Intellectual property considerations.
  • How to use the MMQGIS…
    • google maps geocoder
    • street line geocoder
    • address point geocoder

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this book include everything I need to become a geocoding expert?
A: No. This book is designed for students taking their first steps in geocoding. Many of the concepts I teach are generic to geocoding in all GISs and so will stand you in good stead for solving tricky geocoding problems that can emerge. The course is taught using the free QGIS 3.

Q: Can I have a refund if either the book or course doesn’t suit me?
A: Yes, both Amazon and Udemy refund you if you aren’t satisfied.


Enrol in the Udemy course (1 1/2 hour follow along video, practice dataset, eBook) here..

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    • Patty Breslin

      To be honest what I really need is an dvisor on the sticking points in QGis. I ‘ve taught myself most if it(I ued to support a GIS product 20 years ago), but I run into snags that I really just need to ask someone. My most recent is around TIGER files I downloaded(which seem to be lacking adresses), and using the Google maps API- which is completely foreign to me. Can you or someone else act as a consultant? I literally just want to ask and get answers or do you know of a servic that does…

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